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A finding aid is a guide or an inventory for an archival collection. It helps users learn what items or types of materials are in a collection through an overview of its contents. Often a finding aid also provides background information that is important to understanding a collection. Below are finding aids for some of The Trustees collections. If you would like to learn more about any of the collections described here, or find out about other collections at the Archives & Research Center, please contact us using our research request form


appleton farms
AF.MS.Coll.1: Appleton Family Papers (1504-2008)

archives & research center
ARC.PH.Coll.2: The Ethel Morse Image Collection of the Children’s Pavilion

ashintully gardens
AT.MS.Coll.1: John Stewart McLennan, Jr. Papers (1903-1996)
AT.MS.Coll.2: Grace Seeley Henop Tytus McLennan Papers (1884-1928)
AT.PH.Coll.1: Holly McLennan Ketron Albums Regarding Ashintully (1904-1948)

ashley house
AH.MS.Coll.1: Col. Ashley House, Inc. Archive (1930-1972)
AH.MS.Coll.2: Colonel John Ashley Papers (1755-1818)


bartholomew’s cobble
BC.PH.Coll.1: S. Waldo Bailey Negatives of the Berkshires (1898-1961)

francis william bird park
BP.MS.Coll.1: Frank Phillips Materials Regarding Bird Park (1904-1942)

eleanor cabot bradley estate
BE.MS.Coll.1: Eleanor Cabot Bradley Papers (1897-1999)

william cullen bryant homestead
BH.MS.Coll.1: William Cullen Bryant Collection (1794-1926)


castle hill on the crane estate
CH.MS.Coll.1: Crane Family Collection (1873-2011)
CH.MS.Coll.2: Anna Gustafson Erickson Papers (1911-1919)
CH.MS.Coll.3: Castle Hill Foundation Archive (1928-2001)
CH.MS.Coll.4: Harold F. Lindergreen Collection (1940-1980)
CH.MS.Coll.5: David C. Crockett Papers (1925-1994)
CH.MS.Coll.6: Robert Cameron Papers (1918-1973)
CH.PH.Coll.1: John Munro Photograph Album

cormier woods
CRW.MS.Coll.1: D. James Cormier Papers (1909-2004)


doyle community park & center
DR.MS.Coll.1: Louise I. Doyle Papers (1908-2009)


FAN.MS.Coll.1: Arthur S. Banks Manuscripts (1470-1980)
FAN.MS.Coll.2: Arthur S. Banks Papers Regarding Farandnear (1900-2011)

field farm
FF.MS.Coll.1: Eleanore and Lawrence Bloedel Papers (1947-1983)

fruitlands museum
FM.MS.CES.Coll.1: Clara Endicott Sears Collection (1726-1977)

FM.MS.S.Coll.1: Fruitlands Shaker Manuscript Collection (1771-1933)
FM.PH.S.Coll.1: Fruitlands Shaker Photographic Collection (1855-1984)

FM.MS.T.1: Alcott Family Papers (1814-1935)
FM.MS.T.2: Charles Lane Papers (1842-1959)
FM.MS.T.3: Joseph Palmer Papers (1810-1988)
FM.MS.T.4: Brook Farm Papers (1834-1900)
FM.MS.T.5: Ralph Waldo Emerson Papers (1837-1882)
FM.MS.T.6: George Willis Cooke Papers (1838-1923)
FM.MS.T.7: Margaret Fuller Papers (1836-1872)
FM.MS.T.8: Henry David Thoreau Papers (1847-1862, 1917)
FM.MS.T.9: Nathaniel Hawthorne Papers (1843-1862)
FM.MS.T.10: Martineau Family Papers (1836-1892)
FM.MS.T.11: Transcendentalist Circle Papers (1849-1856)


greenwood farm
GF.MS.Coll.1: Greenwood Farm Collection (1840s-1993)


allen c. haskell public gardens
HA.MS.Coll.1: Allen C. Haskell Papers (1949-2009)


long hill
LH.MS.Coll.1: Henrietta Lockwood Collection (1878-2000)
LH.MS.Coll.2: Robin Zitter Collection of Henrietta E.S. Lockwood (1915-2002)


mission house
MH.MS.Coll.1: Mabel Choate Papers Regarding Mission House (1742-1959)
MH.MS.Coll.2: Fletcher Steele Papers Regarding Mission House (1927-1949)
MH.MS.Coll.4: Gustave G. Nelson Collection of Native American Research Materials (1975-2001)
MH.MS.Coll.6: Muriel S. Kirk Collection Regarding Mission House

moraine farm
MF.MS.Coll.1: Moraine Farm Archive (1880-2007)
MF.MS.Coll.2: Batchelder Family Papers Regarding Moraine Farm (1917-2015)


NK.MS.Coll.1: Mabel Choate Papers Regarding Naumkeag (1855-1958)
NK.MS.Coll.2: Fletcher Steele Papers Regarding Naumkeag (1926-1959)
NK.MS.Coll.3: Choate Family Collection (1903-[192-])
NK.PH.Coll.1: Dino Mottarella Photographs of Naumkeag (1940-1947)
NK.PH.Coll.2: Naumkeag Staff Photograph Collection ([192-]-1969)

norris reservation
NR.MS.Coll.1: Eleanor Norris Papers (1908-2012)

NV.MS.Coll.1: Arthur D. Budd Papers (1891-1964)


the old manse
OM.MS.Coll.1: The Old Manse Manuscripts (1755-1938)
Guide to The Old Manse Book Collection


powisset farm
PF.MS.Coll.1: Powisset Farm Collection


stevens-coolidge place
SCP.MS.Coll.1: Stevens-Coolidge Place Papers (1761-1962)
SCP.MS.Coll.2: Stevens Family Collection (1725-1960)


trustees history
TTOR.4.Coll.1: Charles W. Eliot II Papers (1891-1993)
TTOR.10.Coll.1: Charles Eliot Scrapbook (1888-1901)


weir river farm
WRF.MS.Coll.1: Victoria Thayer Starr Collection (1815-2013)

world’s end
WE.MS.Coll.1: World’s End Collection (1886-1960)
WE.MS.Coll.2: Oral D. Page, Sr. Papers (1917-1919)

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