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Royalston Falls

Royalston Falls

Royalston, MA, 2000

Courtesy of Richard Cheek

Royalston Fall Stewardship Collection, The Trustees

Royalston Falls dramatically plunges 45 feet into a basin surrounded by an ancient gorge. Carved over the ages by Falls Brook, the boisterous cascade sends up a misty spray through the thick forest hugging the ravine. Local farmer and entrepreneur Calvin Forbes developed the natural attraction, then known as Forbes Falls, as a recreational area with amenities such as picnic tables, swings and a ladder for visitors to climb. Today, the forest is slowly erasing the remnants of manmade artifacts from a century ago, and the area is ideal for adventurous hikers.

Other Trustees properties featuring waterfalls include: Doane’s Falls, Spirit Falls at Jacob’s Hill, Bear’s Den, Chapel Brook, Chesterfield Gorge and Glendale Falls. Protecting and preserving these sites for future generations is part of The Trustees mission to “preserve, for public use and enjoyment, properties of exceptional scenic, historic, and ecological value in Massachusetts.”

The hundreds of archival and contemporary photographs in our collection capture the wild beauty, both past and present, of these exceptional sites.

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